Food Biology
Food Biochemistry
Theoretical fundamentals of culinary processes
Fundamental processes and techniques in cooking II
Theology and social doctrine of the church
Fundamental processes and techniques in cooking I
Food Anthropology
History and geography of Gastronomy
Sensorial analysis
Sommelier course I
Work Experience I
Techniques and Advanced Processes in Cooking
Fundamentals of Accounting and financial analysis in a hospitality business
High quality foods
Food safety
Bread making
Ethics and Bioethics
Director of Marketing and Communication
Art and artistic expression in gastronomy
Fundamentals of organisation and management in a hospitality business
Work experience II
Ethics and Bioethics
Mediterranean diet
Dessert cooking I. techniques and fundamental processes
Customer service and attention I
Marketing and brand management
Mediterranean cooking fundamentals
Food safety management
Technical English
Dessert cooking II. Techniques and advanced processes
Sommelier course I and management of a wine cellar
Quality and environmental management
Customer service and attention II
Work experience III
Architecture, interior design and fashion in gastronomy
Concept and format in gastronomy
Tourism and Gastronomy
Labour laws
Cooking in the region of Murcia
Industrial Design in Gastronomy
Electives 1
Electives 2
Management leadership and emotional intelligence
Electives 3