Student’s Profile

The undergraduate studies in Food Science and Technology combine the disciplines of Technical Degrees with those of Health Sciences so that students can get a multidisciplinary profile appropriate for the exercise of the profession.

Students of the Degree in Food Science and Technology should be interested, in general, in the development of technical and technological aspects of food companies, but also the nutritional and health nature of food should be a priority. In particular, the most important issues that will be developed during the studies are:

  • Food technology
  • Food safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food legislation
  • Food chemistry & biochemistry
  • Functional food
  • Economy and management of food companies
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Biotechnology
  • Contract catering



“It is not easy to choose the degree you would like to study and, once you make this decision, the objectives and goals to be achieved sometimes seem difficult and with many questions to ask. My personal experience has been and is still being very satisfying. The obstacles and doubts arisen have always been solved with the support of qualified professors, who teach with enthusiasm and professionalism, always with an individualized and close treatment.

In the Degree in Food Science and Technology, not only a theoretical knowledge about the composition, production and process of food spoilage is acquired, but it also offers a practical and dynamic knowledge, with involved professors who organize visits to industries, placements in research laboratories and many other motivating activities.

I would like to emphasize the future expectations offered by the Degree in Food Science and Technology; for instance, the contracts with different companies that will definitely make our integration into the labour market easier.”

Maravillas Pérez Abril
Student of the 4th year in Food Science and Technology