Student’s Profile

The Criminology Degree offers an excellent curriculum to those who wish to participate in the fascinating search for answers to sensitive questions regarding the criminal elements of today’s society. We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop their personal, teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills, thoughtful people who are capable of analysing one situation from a variety of perspectives in order to find solutions, resourceful people who are willing to develop their communication skills. This new Degree, in keeping with the most prestigious university programs in the world, provides the opportunity to develop a multidisciplinary perspective, essential for a professional career focussed on emerging security and criminology occupations either in the public or the private sector. If you believe Criminology to be a fundamental necessity, that forensic sciences play a crucial part in the citizens’ personal security and in the safe operation of institutions, and that the provision of quality training for professionals are essential values that should govern our society, the Criminology Degree will allow you to be at the forefront of change for a better world.