Reasons to Choose

The Criminology Degree provides graduates with knowledge in the different legal, forensic, victimology and psychosociology areas that are required to fulfil the forensic science and research demands of today’s society. It also offers those with a primary diploma in criminology the possibility of adapting their diploma and completing their training with this new degree. The blended-learning training will allow the possibility to study other related degrees, such as the dual degree of Law, Business Administration, Labour Relations and Human Resources or Tourism. The academic offer can be extended with the subsequent Postgraduate Degrees with specific programmes of Official Master’s Degree in Security Sciences and Criminology, Advocacy and Legal Practice, Occupational Risk Prevention or MBA.


Career Opportunities

Police: victimology, criminalistics, scientific police.
• Correctional facilities: prison treatment board, technical teams, reports.
• Prison supervision: monitoring of detainees, processing and reporting, advisors to the prison supervision judge, and technical team for observation centre.
• Victimology: Victims Support Services, primary healthcare for victims, preparation of reports and surveys, fieldwork, prevention strategies.
• Private security: security company management, security staff training and consulting.
• Judicial area: criminal database, production and control of reports and statistics, forensic criminology.
• Juvenile justice system: probation control and committals, reports on measures adopted and the progress of minors, reconciliation and reparation processes, treatment programs, risk assessment and processes in situations of danger.
• Marginalisation: studies, fieldwork, prevention strategies.
• Criminal policy: diverse strategies and techniques.