Criminology Culture in Today’s Societies
Introduction to Criminology
General Psychology
Constitutional Law I
Criminal Law I
Social Anthropology
Introduction to Legal and Forensic Medicine
Introduction to Victimology
Introduction to Sociology
Theology I
Fundamental Ethics
Criminology Theory
Social and Educative Intervention for Criminal
Public and Private Security Law
Criminal Law II
Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences
Theology II
Constitutional Law II
Crime and Social Control
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Techniques in Crimnology
Procedural Law I
Criminal Psychopathology
Specific Types of Criminology
Procedural Law I
Criminal Investigation Techniques
Prevention, Anticipation and Treatment of Crime
Correctional Science
Criminal Policy
Basic Statistics
Professional Ethics and Deontology
Computer Crime
Crime and Juvenile Justice
Forensic Psychiatry
Social Doctrine of the Church
Organized Crime and Terrorism
Applied Ethics and Bioethics
Final Degree Project
External Practice
Optional I
Optional II
Optional III
Optional IV
Optional V
I. Graphoscopy
I. Document Expertise
I. Information and Communication Law
II. Legal English
II. Domestic Violence
II. Civil Protection, Emergency Prevention and Managment
III. Law of Tort
III. Criminology-based Judicial Intervention
III. Penology
IV. Legal IT and Documents
IV. Self-Defense
IV. Aggretion and Bullying at School, Community Intervention
V. Mediation and Resolution of Conflits
V. Forensic Entomology
V. Public Speaking and Forensic Language