Student’s Profile

Defining a student typical profile, in relation to such versatile studies, is a really difficult task. It is certain that many different personal profiles, once trained, would find their place in positions normally held by our graduates.

  • The student profile is summarized in the following ten principles:
  • Knowledge of mathematical language at high school level.
  • Knowledge of physics at high school level.
  • Knowledge of graphic language (drawing) with a willingness to increase.
  • Availability to understand spatial relations as a means of communication.
  • Willingness to gain knowledge of analytic and descriptive geometry.
  • Innovative vocation in solving problems.
  • Consideration of rigor as a source of learning. Methodology.
  • Tendency to management and leadership.
  • Acceptance of teamwork as a means of technical progress.
  • Intense dedication to technical training.



“Previously, I had studied at a public university and I don’t think that the quality of teaching is better at the public than at the private. At the UCAM you can find:
Excellent facilities around the cloister of the Monastery Los Jerónimos: study rooms, library, mediatec; a fully equipped laboratory, drawing and computer rooms and spacious open areas for your free time.
A team of highly professional, qualified and committed professors, an individualized attention to students’ needs, a low ratio of students per class and professor. Thus, the professor can know better his/her students and help them better with their training.
In short, I am very happy at this University, supported by a great human team and the adequate facilities for a University in the 21st century.”
Carlos Heredia Martín
Student of the 3rd year in Construction Engineering