Graphic Expression Applied to Construction II
Applied Mathematics I
Applied Mathematics II
Applied Physics I
Applied Physics II
Introduction to Building Materials
Building Materials I
History of Construction
Introduction to Construction
Theology I
Fundamental Ethics
Introduction to Building Installations
Building Installations I
Building Regulations
Applied Economy
Building Materials II
Building Materials III
Construction I
Construction II
Topography and Surveying
Analysis and Interpretation
Introduction to Building Structures
Building Structures I
Theology II
Building Structures II
Building Structures III
Construction III
Construction IV
Materials Quality Control and Works Execution
Quality Assurance and Management
Studies, Plans and Coordination of Building Safety
Building Installations II
Valuations and Appraisals
Social Doctrine of the Church
Technical Projects I
Technical Projects II
Measurements and Quoting
Analysis and Cost Control during the Construction Process
Works Equipment and Means
Organization and Programming Techniques in Building
Urban Development and Environmental Management
Industrialized Construction and Sustainable Construction
Compulsory External Internships
Professional Ethics, Organization and Professional Performance
Final Degree Project
Additional Internships
Building Pathology
Demolitions and Product Recycling in Construction
Computer Aided Design