Student’s Profile

What are the necessary skills for the future students of Audiovisual Communication?

  • Concern about knowing and doing research into current events and the future of the audiovisual communication.
  • Creative sensitivity and imagination.
  • Willingness to use new information and communication technologies.
  • Capacity to join and adapt to a professional team as well as ability to work in group responsibly.

If students have some of these skills and aren’t afraid of working, they will take advantage and enjoy the Degree.

Skills: Ability to observation, ability to self-observation, ability to oral communication, research skills, capacity for analysis and criticism, good social skills.

Attitudes: Responsibility, cordiality respect, empathy.



“During the course of the Degree you only focus on completing the required credits for your program, on doing your homework and on continuously thinking about your Bachelor’s Degree Thesis (now Degree Final Project). But the moment you finish your degree, the moment you say goodbye to your classmates and you are ready to face another stage of your life, you realize how much you have changed over the years.

At first you may think you are looking forward to getting your degree, but when leaving the UCAM you realize how much you have used the TV studio, the radio studio and the editing room; you realize how much you have learnt and lived with your classmates, the feedback given by the professors who, with a great sense of humanism, seem to be more willing to learn from us than we from them.

Being a university student is to know the value of learning from what is around you, the value of creating, progressing and maturing. It is out of the UCAM, far away from stress, lessons and exams, when you realize that studying a degree and maturing is an unforgettable experience.”

Pedro J. Poveda
Student of the 4th year in Audiovisual Communication