Student’s Profile

The professional profile of teachers in Early Childhood Education is related to the objectives and competences of the basic educational and practical training of this Degree.

Students who decide to take these studies will show interest in understanding the educational initiatives and those factors (biological, psychological, social, cultural, etc.) involved in the teaching-learning processes of children in their early childhood. Furthermore, students will be motivated to promote cooperative and group learning; will have the ability to understand the key role of teachers as learning mediators and the power of education to change and improve society.

Students will be motivated to actively take part in those activities related to their academic and personal training and will be committed to educational innovation. Finally, it will be a positive value for students to have oral and written communication skills, analysis and synthesis abilities, interest in reading, computer skills, languages and attitudes of respect, responsibility, tolerance and empathy.



“Because your voice is an opinion taken into account.
Because it is a place where values matter.
Because it is place where you can develop your faith.
Because your participation, your effort and not only your memory matter.
Is a good decision important in your life?
If we want to teach children committed to society and children who act according to their beliefs.
If we want to teach supportive children.
If we want to teach children who think for themselves and reach their own conclusions.
If we want to teach children in this way, we must first be an example; a teacher is more than a person transferring knowledge, a teacher is a model.
I would like to be that kind of teacher; therefore, I think I made the right decision.”

José Ortí Martínez
Student of the 1st year in Early Childhood Education