Society, the Family and Schools
Resources and Materials in Children’s Education
Systematic Observation and Context Analysis
Education Psychology
Development Psychology
Educational Theories and Institutions
Diversity, Interculturality and Inclusive Education
Development Disorders
Religion, Culture and Values
New Technologies Applied to Education
Childhood, Health and Nutrition
School Organization and Management
Planning, Development and Management of Teaching
Learning Difficulties
School and Family Guidance
Early Childhood Intervention
Children’s Classroom Diagnostics
Oral and Written Communication in Children’s Education
Theology II
The Christian Message
Development of Logical-Mathematical Thought
Teaching and Learning the Sociocultural Environment
Psychomotor Development and Corporal Expression
Teaching and Learning of Plastic and Visual Expression
Teaching and Learning the Spanish Language
Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Teaching and Learning about the Environment
Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages (English)
Teaching and Learning Musical Education
The Church, Sacraments and Morals
Practicum I
Practicum II
Final Degree Project
Learning through Play
Learning and Creativity in the Classroom
Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
Health and Wellbeing for Schoolchildren
Teaching and Didactics of Children in Schools