Quality system

  • The Degree Quality Commission of Business Administration (ADE) is in charge of reviewing, updating and improving training programs.
  • Objectives
  • The CCT of each title is in charge of monitoring the SGIC according to the following objectives:
  • Coordinate the process of elaboration of the didactic guide and review the information to be published.
  • Verify the SGIC planning of the degree so that general requisites of the Quality Guide, Policy and Quality Objectives are met, and together with the corresponding requisites, taken into account in the verification and the certification guide.
  • Carry out the monitoring of the accomplishments of the general objectives of the degree.
  • Have a system of information compilation available (both from national and international origin) in order to assess the educational offer maintenance, updating and renovation.
  • Carry out the monitoring of the effectiveness of the processes according to the indicators associated to them.
  • Monitoring the accomplishment of the deviations originated from the reviewing and the improvement of the SGIC.
  • Identify the improvement areas, whenever it is possible and proclaim them to the Degree Management Team.
  • Be informed by the responsible persons of the processes of the satisfaction survey results and identify the improvement areas that may derive from those results.


Mrs. María Dolores García
Email: mdolores@ucam.edu
Telephone: 968 278 656

Mrs. Isabel Ros Clemente
Email: irclemente@ucam.edu
Telephone: 968 278 656

Mrs. Mª Concepción Parra Meroño
Email: mcparra@ucam.edu 
Telephone: 968 278 656
D. José Palao Barberá
Email: palao.barbera@telefonica.net 
Telephone: 968 278 656

Administrative staff representative:
Mrs. Isabel Gómez Ros
E-mail: igomez@ucam.edu
Telephone: 968 278 656

CCT President:

  • Lead, appoint and manage meetings.
  • Establish the meeting agenda.
  • Determine the students’ representative, administration and service and external agents.
  • Promote and foment the active involvement of the CCT.
  • Distribute tasks and assign the responsible.
  • Communicate the reports issued to the CPA and to the ED.

CCT Secretary

  • Call the CCT under the order of the President.
  • Provide technical support to the CCT.
  • Elaborate and read the meeting minutes for their acceptance.

CCT Chairs:

  • Perform tasks assigned by the CCT President (improvements identification, assessment…).
  • Take part actively in CCT meetings.

o    Results of training: Rates
Achievement of objectives related to the achievement of the Degree competences and the values of each indicator. The rates measure the evolution of the values in a combination of indicators.









37,93 %

47,62 %






3,52 %

3,98 %









93,62 %

90,95 %

91,06 %


88,88 %

87,05 %

79,74 %

81,18 %

80,26 %

79,03 %

Graduation rates

Percentage of students that finish studies according to the time in the curriculum or in one year more related to the entry group.

Withdrawal rates
Percentage relationship between the total number of students of new entry that had to obtain the title the previous academic year, and those that have not enrolled in that year nor in the previous one.

Efficiency rate
Percentage relationship between the total number of theoretical credits of the study plan in which they had to be enrolled in the academic year (the group of students graduated in a certain academic year) and the total number of credits in which the students were enrolled.

Output rate 
Percentage of inscribed and passed credits multiplied per 100.

Grading and Improvement of the Title Quality
Information about grading and improvement actions set up in the title.
The Quality Committee of Degree in Business Administration (ADE) develop different actions leading to the grading and improvement of the degree.

Academic year 2015/2016
Periodic meetings of the Degree Quality Committee (CCT): October 2015, February 2016.
Coordination to prepare the Teaching Guide.
Reviewing and maintenance of Webpage and Virtual Campus

Academic year 2013/2014
Periodic meetings of the Degree Quality Committee (CCT): September 2013, November 2013, January 2014, February 2014, May 2014.
Coordination to prepare the Teaching Guide.
Reviewing and maintenance of Webpage and Virtual Campus.

Academic year 2012/2013
Periodic meetings of the Degree Quality Committee (CCT): September  2012, November 2012, January 2013, March 2013, June 2013.
Coordination to prepare the Teaching Guide
Review and maintenance of Webpage and Virtual Campus.

Academic year 2011/2012
Periodic meetings of the Degree Quality Committee (CCT)
Monitoring of the Grading of Tuition Program (DOCENTIA)

Academic year 2010/2011
Periodic meetings of UCAM Degree Quality Committee (CCT)
The system of the Institution Quality Warrantee has some specific procedures to grade and improve the Degree quality:



Results of satisfaction surveys.

Academic year 2014/2015. 

Global satisfaction degree of graduated students

82 %

Global satisfaction degree of students with material resources.

78 %

Global satisfaction degree of students with the teachers

80 %

Satisfaction degree of teachers with the degree

86 %

Global satisfaction degree of administration and service staff

77 %

Global satisfaction degree of graduated students with the Degree

88 %

Satisfaction degree of employers with the Degree

90 %

 Questionnaire samples:

Analysis procedure of the groups of interest’ satisfaction
This procedure has the aim of warrantee that the Catholic University of San Antonio (UCAM) has mechanisms available that allow obtaining information about the satisfaction of the different groups of interest (students, academic, administration and services staff) to take decisions about the improvement of the quality in the academic offer.


Claims and suggestions to the Degree
Through this link the Degree will compile, process, solve, file and grade all claims and suggestions of all groups of interest (students, administrative and academic staff).
1st: Fill in and send the document to the Degree:
Online. Fill in and send it to the mail at the bottom of the form.
• Fill in and send it to buzondeade@ucam.edu, or by post to the Degree Management Office.
• This document is also available in the Degree Secretary Office.
2nd: Authentification
The Degree will get in touch by telephone with the claim/suggestion applicant through the suitable way to communicate the final decision
Responsable for the procedure:
Gonzalo Wandosell Fernández de Bobadilla
Vice-Dean of Management and Administration Degree (ADE)
Social, Law and Business Sciences Dpt. 2nd Floor of monastery.
Campus de los Jerónimos s/n
30107 Guadalupe (Murcia)
Claims and suggestions to the university student’s Ombudsman by the members of the university community and / or external agents with a relationship with the title, once used up all the possible resolution ways.