Information related to UCAM national and international mobility programs for students and teachers.
The main mission of the Mobility Program is promoting the internationalization of university life as an essential component of the students’ learning process, teaching and research activity and continuous training of our faculty, at the service of the university evangelist and missionary tasks.
The Vice-Rectorate of International Relations proposes the guidelines of the internationalization policy of the university, in order to accomplish its mission. It also elaborates programs and watches over their good performing and promotes international mobility by welcoming and stimulating the arrival to our campus of new students and teachers from associated institutions. Hence, it favors the learning of modern languages through students exchange and drives Spanish language diffusion.
ERASMUS program
Información General/General Information
Convenios de movilidad con Universidades/Mobility agreements with universities
Mobility process of the Quality Internal Guarantee System
(This Procedure of Quality promotes and facilitates student international mobility and it is applied to UCAM students sent to other international universities and students received from other foreign universities, as well as the bodies of our university involved in the management of mobility)