University entry and admission process for the Business Administration Bachelor's Degree (ADE).
- Previous education
The SIE (Student information Service) offers information about the characteristics of the Degree in the Admission Guide. In this guide you will also find information about the different routes and entry requirements, ruled under the Article 14, of R. D. 1393/2007, of 29 October, about the entry in the Certified Degree Programs, where it is stated that anyone applying must have a Baccalaureate Certificate/High School Diploma or equivalent and must have passed the test as stated in Art. 42 of the Ley Orgánica 6/2001 de Universidades, modified by the Ley 4/2007 of 12th April, without prejudice of the other entry mechanisms, provided by the current legislation, such as Vocational Training, over 25 years old, graduated university students, etc. The university will inform about the regulations, about the transfer and credit acknowledgement mechanisms, according to the R. D. 1393/2007, of 29th October.
Given that some subjects of the Study Plan are going to be offered in English, the students of these subjects will be required previous specific training in English, equivalent to the level achieved at the end of Secondary Education (minimum A2 according to the CEFR), being advisable B1.
- Entry profile
The Degree in Business Administration at UCAM is designed for students that show interest for the economical, organizational and social aspects of a company at international level.
The student interested in the Business Administration must have special interest in:
• Widening his/her general culture within economic and social scopes.
• Optimizing oral and written expression in different languages, at least in Spanish and English.
• Serving the community with a high ethical sense in the professional practice.
• Having knowledge on corporations and its predicaments.
• Working in a team and trying to fit in and relate with people.
Besides that the student:
• Must be proactive and independent
• Have an open mind-set for mobility and acquisition of new experiences
• Have the analytical ability required to solve social and economical problems.
- Entry and admission criteria
All requisites of access to the Bachelor's, documents to submit and entry tests are available in:

Legislation and recognition tables for the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
The Catholic University of San Antonio has elaborated the Regulations about Recognition and Transfer of Credits for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees(Normativa sobre Reconocimiento y Transferencia de Créditos para las enseñanzas de Grado y Máster), in which the following basic rules, established in the applicable law (legislación aplicable), are taken into account:

a)    Credits of basic subjects of the same field will be recognized, whenever the title to be obtained belongs to the same field of knowledge.
b)    Likewise, credits obtained from other basic subjects in the knowledge field of the Bachelor's to be followed, will be recognized.
c)    The rest of the credits can be recognized by the University, by taking into account the adaptation between the competences and knowledge associated to the rest of subject matters, followed by the student and those provided in the study plan or cross-curricular ones.
d)    Accredited work and professional experience will also be recognized and both will be reckoned to all effects, leading to the attainment of the Official Degree, given that the mentioned experience is related to the competences inherent to the Degree.
e)    Subjects will not be recognized partially.

The Business Administration Degree (ADE) credit recognition committee is formed by:

President: D. Gonzalo Wandosell y Fernández de Bobadilla
Secretary: D. José Palao Barberá
Chairs: Dña. Pilar Flores Asenjo
              Dña. Mercedes Carmona Martínez
              Dña. Mª Concepción Parra Meroño

This committee meets weekly, whenever there is a demand for credit recognition in order to assess and decide the status of petitions.
This committee’s grades are guarded in the ADE department Secretary.

Credit Recognition Table
Recognition table of Vocational Training to ADE Degree 2016-17
Recognition table of Vocational Training to ADE Degree LOGSE 2016-17
Recognition table of Law Degree to ADE Degree 2016-17
Recognition table of Tourism Degree in UCAM to ADE Degree 2016-17
Recognition table of Bachelor of Law to ADE Degree
Recognition table of Bachelor of ADE to ADE Degree UCAM

Procedure to enter, once accepted in the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

Enrollment in Business Administration (ADE).

Students who start a Bachelor's Degree must enroll in the complete course, 60 ECTS credits, except those duly justified (work, personal and /or familiar reasons). In that case, they can enroll in a minimum of 30 ECTS credits, hence being able to attend classes part-time.

For the rest of the academic courses there is not a minimum number of credits established in the students’ enrollment. Nevertheless, curricular planning of 60 ECTS credits is advisable, since that is the workload a student can carry out during an academic course. (RD. 1393/2007).

The enrollment procedure depends on the Secretaría Central, situated in the ground floor of Los Jerónimos Monastery.

Grants and scholarships are awarded to university degree students studying in the university by:

•    Becas, ayudas, subvenciones y premios. Ministerio de Educación.
•    Servicio de becas. UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia.