• Bachelor in Business Administration nº4 in Spain as per U-Multirank
  • Entrepreneurship training


On Campus


4 years




82,98 €/ECTS

4.978,60 EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Ignacio Tito Jurado, Business Administration Degree student

"I recommend the Degree in Business Administration (ADE) in UCAM for both its technical knowledge versatility taught and practical focus, and also the personal relationships established among the teaching staff and the students".


In UCAM, BA University, we stand out by our expert teaching staff, deeply involved in your tuition, by guiding and helping you along this stage. Our Study Plan is prepared to provide you with training about current business national and international world in order to make of you a reliable professional with great competences, ready to achieve future labor targets.

Studing the Bachelor in Business Administration Abroad in Spain, you will receive up-to-date training of the highest quality and a course which is highly competitive at an international level. You will acquire the skills to solve important business questions as well as gain considerable insight into the specific challenges corporate life is faces.

In UCAM, theory and practice are given equal emphasis in all courses, to give a holistic understanding of the role of Business Administration.

Student Mobility

This face-to-face Degree will give you the opportunity to get in touch with important corporations in Spain where you will put in practice all what you have learned during the four years of the Degree. You will develop as professional and will be ready to enter labor market.

Through this practical experience you will develop specific competences that are important to the business administrator.