Name Semester
Communication and Business Skills C1
Financial Accounting C1
Financial Aspects of Businesses I C1
Management and Organizations I C1
Principles of Economics I C1
Theology C1
Cross Cultural Issues in Businesses C2
Financial Aspects of Businesses II C2
Humanities C2
Management and Organizations II C2
Principles of Economics II C2
Cost Accounting C2
Name Semester
IT Management  C3
Managing people  C3 
Marketing Theory and Practice I  C3 
Operations Management  C3 
Statistics Applied to Businesses  C3 
Business Psicology  C4
Creativity in Business Innovation C4 
Econometrics C4 
Marketing Theory and practice II  C4
Principles of Business Law  C4
Social Doctrine of the Church  C4
Name Semester
Bachelor´s Degree Final Project -
Corporate Diplomacy C5
EU Economical and Political Environment C5
Financial Statement Analysis for Management C5
Research in Management C5
Strategic Management C5
Advanced Topics in Finance C6 - Opt
Advanced Topics in Marketing C6 - Opt
Advanced topics in RRHH C6 - Opt
Business ethics C6
Business games C6
Internship C6
Leadership development C6
Starting a New Business C6

*This is the expected plan of studies, pending of approval by ANECA (2016)