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3 academic years

6.000/ EU Citizens

Faculty of Business and Legal Studies
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The Degree in Business Administration and Management at the UCAM is aimed at those students seeking a personal and integral training, interested in economic, organizational and social aspects of companies at international level, since companies create changes and social progress.

Students interested in studying the Degree in Business Administration and Management should have a special interest in:

  • Expanding their general knowledge and their social and economic environment.
  • Improving their oral and written skills in different languages, at least Spanish and English.
  • Serving the community with a high ethical sense in their professional practice.
  • Knowing business principles and concepts.
  • Sociable and capacity for personal relationships and teamwork.
  • Proactive and independent.
  • Open mind to mobility and acquisition of new experiences.
  • Analytical capacity to resolve social and economic problems.



Gonzalo Wandosell

Director of Business Administration

The Degree in Business Administration and Management at the UCAM aims to train professionals and provide them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of businesses, understood as the main agent of the market economy, as the main pillar of economy, and as the driving force of “economic affairs” and employment.The syllabus of the Degree in Business Administration and Management has been coordinately designed as a commitment to society and it is based on the Spanish Royal Decree 1393/2007 and 861/2010 and on the UCAM general guidelines for undergraduate degrees.Our syllabus aims to provide students with rigorous contents of economic and business nature and to study in depth the specific functional areas and the general management of companies.

Our didactic approach is based on a practical methodology to detect the continuous changes that companies must face in different areas.Students, in the course of eight semesters, get an integral and professional quality training. Students can further study those aspects related to business management in which they are interested through five elective subjects. They also have the possibility to obtain a special mention in “Business Law” by studying four elective subjects belonging to legal environment.

In short, the Degree in Business Administration and Management at the UCAM directs students how to develop career executive positions from a unique training project and clearly focused on the labour market. Our main idea is that the competences and values related to the social role of companies must be included in the teaching task and in the way subjects are taught, with cooperation and teamwork as priorities.