Student’s Profile

The ideal student profile to start studying the Degree in Architecture at this University should have the following qualities:

  • Vocation to assimilate and study the spatial relations as a means and purpose from academic to professional life.
  • Knowledge of graphic language and willingness to make this means of expression the main vehicle of information transfer.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and physics at the highest level of Secondary School.
  • Willingness to acquire advanced knowledge of Geometry and Representation Systems.
  • Knowledge of Art History and interest in appreciation of aesthetic criteria.
  • Capacity for analysis, observation and research.
  • Readiness to be trained in technical aspects and industrial processes.
  • Ability to teamwork.
  • Acceptance of a training continuity and updating on the progress of the sector.
  • Assessment of effort, experience and innovation as ways of learning.



“My experience in the School of Architecture in the first three years has been tremendously positive. Following my expectations, I especially appreciate the fact of combining both the technical and theoretical training. The ongoing dedication and the passion for architecture are the key tools that, in my opinion, let me carry it out. Despite the difficulty, what I value most is how rewarding is to get good results after the great effort that the degree in architecture requires. Some key points that I would like to emphasize are:
Quality and closeness of the professors, always available for any doubts.
Good facilities for both theoretical and practical lessons (drawing classrooms, laboratory, etc.)
Good relationship with my classmates, what make both works in groups and everyday in class easier.
Lots of extracurricular activities (visits to building works, conferences, etc.), especially the many trips that are organized and let me observe architecture in a different way.

For these reasons, I think I’m in the right place to become what I really want to; a great professional architect.”

Magdalena Prieto Hernández
Student of the 3rd year of Architecture