Reasons to Choose

Students will gain the following competencies:

  • Capacity to carry out the full development of a construction and town planning work.
  • Possibility to take part in the different actors involved in the construction work.
  • Capacity for leadership and adaptation to teamwork.
  • Critical analysis of architectural projects.
  • Perseverance and ability to cope with the professional practice of architecture.
  • Problem solving rigor.
  • Accuracy when developing solutions to construction problems.
  • Perfect use of the IT tools related to design and computation in architecture.
  • The technical side of the Degree complements the humanistic one.


Career Opportunities

  • Freelance architect.
  • Designer or Director of Public Works, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Alteration or Expansion.

In urban planning:

  • Town planning and management.
  • Urban facilities.
  • Urbanization projects.

In environmental aspects:

  • Landscaping.
  • Bioclimatic architecture.
  • nvironmental impact studies.
  • Interior design and decoration.
  • Property consultancy.
  • Editor of Reports.
  • Expert Reports.
  • Appraisals.
  • Arbitration.
  • Specialist in Pathology.

Civil servants at the service of government:

  • Local.
  • Autonomous.
  • State.
  • Academic Instruction.
  • Management, Consultancy and Works Control aspects.