Forms Analysis in Architecture I
Forms Analysis in Architecture II
Descriptive Geometry I
Descriptive Geometry II
Architectural Drawing I
Architectural Drawing II
Applied Physics I
Applied Physics II
Applied Mathematics I
Applied Mathematics II
Theology I
Fundamental Ethics
Computerized Graphic Expression of the Architectural Project
English I
Art History and Architecture
Legal Fundamentals in Architecture
Construction Materials
Theology II
In-depth Construction Materials
Architectural Projects I
Architectural Projects II
General Theory and History or Architecture I
Architectural Construction I
General Theory and History or Architecture II
Introduction to Building Services
Urban and Construction Facilities I
Architectural Construction II
Architectural Construction III
Architectural Composition
Building Structures I
Architectural Projects III
Architectural Projects IV
Economics and Real Estate Management
Urban Development I
Social Doctrine of the Church
Urban and Construction Facilities II
Urban and Construction Facilities Projects
Architectural Projects V
Architectural Projects VI
Architectural Construction IV
Architectural Construction V
Geotechnology and Foundations
Building Structures II
Urban Development III
Sustainable Architecture
Building Structures III
Building Structures Projects
Urban Development IV
Urban Development V
Architectural Projects VII
Architectural Projects VIII
Architectural Construction VI
Professional Ethics, Organization and Architectural Professional Practice
Protection, Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Architectural Heritage
Final Degree Project*
External Practice

* Once you have passed the 300 ECTS required for the Degree, you must present the FDP before the Academic Panel

Architectural Archaeology and Restoration
History of Architectural Restoration
Complementary Practices
Building Pathology