Student’s Profile

These studies are aimed at those future students who show a great curiosity about what happens around them and creative and imaginative students.

Curious, creative and imaginative students because from knowledge they will be able to apply solutions that mean a differentiating value for their future companies.

Moreover, students should be interested in the study of man as an individual and his environment.

It is advisable that students who choose the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations should have a social sensitivity, ability to social relations and interpersonal contacts, capacity to communicate, reason and understand, adaptability, analytical and negotiation skills, flexibility and critical sense.



“Choosing the degree that you are going to study is one of the most important decisions you will make in life, but equally important is to choose the university where you are going to be trained, as a professional and as a person.

At the UCAM, we, as future communicators, have got lots of opportunities, since we have an excellent material and facilities that help us put the theoretical knowledge into practice.
Furthermore, the involvement of professors is total and the fact that groups are small makes teaching more personalized and effective.

In your last year, you really realize all the advantages you have received and what you have learned. For this reason, we must make the most of our time as students, do internships, be interested in our future job and take advantage of the degree. But above all, enjoy doing what you like, in my case, the dynamic and exciting world of advertising and public relations.”

Amparo Nicolás Almagro
Student of the 4th year in Advertising and Public Relations