Reasons to Choose

Why study at UCAM?

Because we love our job and we want you to feel that way too during the years you study here.

Because advertising and public relations are a dynamic profession.

Because our professors and all our subjects are focused on knowledge, skills and theoretical and practical applications. For this purpose, we have the most suitable facilities to enhance your creative part: classrooms with the latest computer applications and a television and radio studio.

Because you can do internships in our faculty and more than 100 companies.

Because we have agreements to complete your studies in communication in more than 80 universities in Europe and the rest of the world.

Because we were the pioneering Faculty of Communication in Murcia and during this time our students have reached important positions in more than 300 companies related to communication.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of Advertising and Public Relations mainly work in advertising and public relations agencies. From creativity and production of advertising campaigns and public relations events to research, media planning and customer relationship management.

However, we cannot forget the wide range of opportunities offered by Persuasive Communication through communication consultancy, companies specializing in Direct, Promotional, Relationship and Internet Marketing; research, planning and media buying offices; advertising and marketing departments; corporate communications and visual identity offices; Advertising, Marketing and Self-promotion Departments of media companies; and Image Consulting offices and sponsorship and patronage.

Students of Advertising and Public Relations should develop a high sense of responsibility in their task, based on knowledge and respect for professional ethics and on eagerness to please the public.