Professional Opportunities

By way of example, with the aim of providing professional guidance, below is a list of professions or work positions, which may be fulfilled by this professional figure:

  • This expert might carry out and develop their profession in any department within a company or public or private body.
  • Within the services area, especially in professional offices and environments.
  • In Public Administration, be it central, autonomous or local scale.
  • They will be a qualified expert who serves to assist the managing bodies and administration and they will have a certain amount of decision power.
  • The functions of the secretary will vary depending on the work centre and the level of the management body to which this professional is linked. Likewise, their professional knowledge requires a certain level of training for the work position, derived from the nature of the product related or service activities within which they must work: scientific, financial/commercial or industrial production fields. 


Related Studies

As set out in Royal Decree 1892/2008, of the 14th of November, which governs the conditions needed to access official higher university education as well as the admissions process for universities in Spain and Royal Decree 558/2010, of the 7th of May, which amended Royal Decree 1892/2008, Advanced BTEC equivalent Diplomas grant direct access to all university degree courses, specifically toMBA and Tourism degree programs, inter alia.