Ouedraogo Laurent

"I had a dream which everybody said was impossible but I have been able to make it possible for me. It has been like in a fairy tale, a sweet one when the will and desire to build a cross culture meeting is stronger than ever.

Indeed, here I am at UCAM. I am Ouedraogo Laurent and nicknamed “Lorenzo” for some years, and living now in La Ñora, a very quiet place with very kind and friendly people who have made my integration in Spain/Murcia easier.

One day a coach taught me, ‘Never say Impossible, because, IMPOSSIBLE stands for I’M POSSIBLE.  And what happened to my dream: it took me 30 minutes to obtain my Spanish visa, and now I only have to walk 15 minutes from La Ñora to the UCAM University campus.  Nevertheless, coming from so far: Burkina Faso, a west African and French speaking country, known for its biannual Festival of Movies, “FESPACO” and other international cultural events , the annual cycling tour, and above of all its Title of Africa Football Competition Vice-Champion in 2013, played in South Africa and semi-finalist at U-17 World cup in 2001 at Trinidad Tobago. It was as if all were prepared to make things easy as I expected.

After some year of studies and work in the field of communication, foreign languages, here I am in UCAM where I am attending a course in the field of high performance sports for an International Masters Degree in order to combine in the long term these given fields. After 2 months of lectures, my expectancies are being fulfilled and my dream is coming true with lessons learned in high performance sports, where they combine theoretical lectures and practical ones focused on biomechanics, strength training, aging people training, nutrition and also sharing these experiences with my class mates, friendly fellows of the “UNU” United Nations of UCAM who are from Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and the last but not least, from Burkina Faso. I can focus on the skills of the staff members of our department of High Performance Sports, competent and heartwarming teachers, so no boundary because for me the acquisition of the knowledge goes beyond the limits of human understanding and acceptance. An environment that fits well with my personal conviction and much more, goes well with my plan of a career that will be focused on International Relations oriented on Culture and Sport where a healthy body hosts a balanced mind to always be promised a brighter future through opened mindedness, uprightness like my country moto, Burkina Faso, Country of Uprightness people: just 5 hours of flight and you will enjoy whatever you didn’t enjoy in your life".

Ouedraogo Laurent, Burkina Faso

Student of High Perfomance Sport