Konstadinos Jani

I am attending the Master Program High Performance in Sports: Strength & Conditioning. I come from Greece, I was born in  Albania but I have lived in Greece since 1997. That date changed our lives for the better.

 To begin with, Greece is a wonderful country with very welcoming and friendly people. Despite the fact that Greeks have suffered a  lot due to the economical problems they have faced for several years, they still keep enjoying the beauties of life.

 Being an immigrant is kind of hard but in the same time helpful because you appreciate things which for others do not mean  anything. You become stronger and stronger when you have to deal with problems which may arise because you do not live in the  country you were born in. Moreover, seeing your parents working very hard daily with the aim of providing you with everything you  need is very motivational and it makes you become better in order to make them happy and feel proud of you. Here, I would like to  say a special thanks to my parents and to my siblings for their support up to date.

 Furthermore, I am a very ambitious individual with the motivation to achieve my goals. It is my firm belief that we can achieve anything we set our minds to and thus, I have always set myself high targets in life and made efforts to achieve them. Failure does not disappoint me as I believe it makes me more patient and determined to succeed.

I graduated from the University of Thessaly, Greece in 2012 and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education & Sports Science. I have taken part in many conferences and seminars on the subject of sports, for instance football/soccer conferences. I also hold a UEFA B license and I have been working as a football coach / fitness coach with several teams at both a semi – professional and amateur level.

Many things here remind me of Greece; the climate, the Spanish cuisine and the way of life. We have more similarities than differences. People who are working for UCAM are at your disposal whenever you need them. Especially, Mr. Pedro Alcaraz and his colleagues are doing everything in order to make us feel like at home. Whatever the problem is they are there to aid us.

In addition, I have a passion for the subject and I want to continue extending my knowledge and developing as a fitness coach. The University of UCAM provides equal opportunities for people around the world to excel by participating in a world-class program. The international reputation of the teaching quality and the experienced academic staff assisted me to apply theory into practice. At the same time, I am confident that the overall opportunity to study at UCAM broadened my horizons and gave me the chance to gain world class education and delve deeper into my general development.

Finally, my main life goal is to work as a professional fitness coach at any level, so the qualification which UCAM gives will provide me with more employment opportunities in the field of sports, particularly football/soccer. I strongly believe that it was a very good choice to become a master’s student of the University of UCAM.

Konstadinos Jani, Greece

Student of High Perfomance Sport