Danilo Costante

I am attending the English taught Master’s in Business Administration at UCAM in Murcia. I’m here to work in the sector of International Marketing, and when I was also given the opportunity to enroll in this MBA program I jumped at the chance. I must confess that for me both Murcia and UCAM were two pleasant surprises. I had never been to Spain before, but already after a short time I felt at home here. People are friendly, the city is welcoming because it is not too small to get bored neither too big to feel lost. The climate is mild, with plenty of sunny days and rare rainfall. Ideal for those who love the outdoors or for those who, like me, come from a place as hot as the south of Italy.

UCAM is incredible: it is a university that breaks all barriers between the ancient and the modern, combining historical buildings rich in history and art with high-tech classrooms and laboratories in which students can study and put into practice the concepts they learn here day after day.

Here you can breath a truly international atmosphere and the MBA is the perfect example in this case: every day I’m in class with boys and girls from Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Canada. In the classroom we learn what business is all about, absorb the technical skills to manage the complex construct of an enterprise as efficiently as possible and are taught how to work with accounting and human resources; but we also talk about the major issues of the contemporary economy, from globalization to global crisis, comparing cases and investigating possible solutions.

I come from a degree in Political Science, and my fear was not having enough basic skills to deal with a highly technical and economics related master like this, but with the always clear and helpful support of teachers, I have not been encountering any difficulties.

Mind you, it is not easy, especially if you want to combine work and studies like me: the commitment is remarkable, between lessons, assignments, project work and exams. But it’s worth it: this way you get used to maintain a steady pace and constant high performance. Personally I can say that, day by day, I feel I’m enriching my cultural and technical skills, while at the same time growing both as a professional and as a person.

For this I can recommend the MBA at UCAM to anyone who wants to expand their own economic knowledge and become a competent and capable manager.


Danilo Costante, Italy

Student of MBA