Aasim Sheraz

Hi, it’s me, Aasim Sheraz from Pakistan, currently studying at Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Spain. I am a student of the international MBA. I chose UCAM for my studies due to several reasons. First I wanted to learn Spanish, because Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and I wished to do this by living in a Spanish community. I am very happy to be able to live among Spaniards now and get to interact with them on a constant basis, so my language skills are getting better day by day.

I think that studying in a country like Spain is a great learning experience for foreign students like me, one that we just could not attain in our individual home countries. There is no better way to learn about and understand another culture than by being surrounded by it and having the possibility to immerge into it.

The second reason for choosing UCAM for my studies was shaped by the quality of education UCAM provides its students with. I spent lots of time looking for a suitable Spanish academic institution to obtain my Master’s Degree at and I found UCAM to be the best choice regarding all the aspects a student could desire: educational structure, personal attention to students, support from management etc.

Besides the two reasons for my coming here to Spain that I already explained, there was one more point that I considered: the Spanish climate. Weather conditions are quite similar to those in Pakistan. So I haven’t been facing any kind of problems, perceiving temperatures as too cold or too hot. It feels quite easy for someone from a country like Pakistan to adjust to the Spanish climate.

UCAM gives me the opportunity to meet and study with people from different cultural backgrounds. In the current MBA, my classmates come from nine different nations around the globe. So this is a great learning opportunity to work with people from different countries. Other than this I can say that living in Murcia and in Spain is a true pleasure. Travelling is very easy and safe with plenty of beautiful places to visit. I had heard about the beauty of Spain before coming here but now I am able to witness it myself and also meet and interact with the nice and friendly Spanish people. Until now it has been a great experience for me to live in Murcia and study at UCAM.

Aasim Sheraz, Pakistan

Student of MBA