Alicante to Murcia

If you’re planning to go from the Alicante Airport (Alicante-Elche) to Murcia, there are a couple of options for transport:

1. Taxi

There are taxis on the floor number 0 and 2. For more information we recommend to visit the website of Aena

2. Train

If you want to go by train, to find your way to from the airport to the train station, follow these steps:

  • There is a bus that goes directly from the airport to the station; Elche Avenida Estación de Tren. The bus goes every 40 minutes from 06:30 h to 23:10 h, every day. Also, this service is free.
  • When you are at the train station, you need to find a train to Murcia. 
  • There’s a list of the trains that go from that station to Murcia (every day of the week), with the prices next to it. 
  • The simplest/normal ticket has the lowest price.
  • Visit the website of the company Renfe in order to book your ticket online. 

3. By bus

  • You can go directly from the Alicante Airport to Murcia. 
  • There is a bus each hour or half an hour from 7:00 h to 19:15 h (Weekends 11:15 h to 19:15 h each 2 hours).
  • To see the bus timetables of Murcia, enter the website of the company Alsa.
  • Last bus at 19:15 from Airport Alicante-Elche and 19:00 from Alicante Bus Station.