Spain is the third largest Country in the world for a number of tourists, attracting over 60 million visitors each year. It is an environment full of opportunities and at the vanguard in the hospitality sector.

19 December 2017

Twenty students from fifteen different countries graduated

28 November 2017

UCAM University offers four Bachelor's Degrees, Modern Languages, Physical Activity and Sports Science, Tourism Management, and Business Administration and Management Degree, and seven Master's Courses taught in the English language.

07 November 2017

New Flywire service makes fast easy payments available for students from over 220 countries, in more than 100 local currencies; offers significant savings on exchange rates​

13 September 2017

A forensic- medical study performed in both the Shroud of Oviedo and the Sindone of Turin not only confirms that both linen clothes shrouded the same person , but also that this person, when it was already a corpse, suffered a  penetrating wound that pierced the right hemithorax, with a deep cut entry in the fifth intercostal space and exit in the fourth one, close to the vertebral column and the right scapula, which also left signs of blood clots and pleural-pericardial liquid in both linen clothes

18 April 2017

The III International Congress of Art, Architecture and Heritage - Space and Landscape 'Homage to Siza', organized by the International Chair of the Arts.

10 March 2017

The UCAM Faculty of Sport leads the university that offers the most number of accredited programs in Spain

15 July 2016

The Catholic University was present at the Congress Scholas Occurrentes that seeks to rebuild the education pact with the commitment of all stakeholders


21 June 2016