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13 September 2017

The institution has excellent results for the employability of the UCAM students 

07 June 2017

Graduation is over and you already obtained your hard-earned European degree; but for non-EU citizen students, there’s another hurdle that needs to be conquered for those who wish to stay and get a job in Europe.

10 May 2017

The Consul of the Embassy of Jordan in Spain, H.E. Rasheed T. Arekat, visited the Catholic University of Murcia for a meeting with Jordanian students who are currently completing their training in this institution.

14 December 2015

Julio Velandrino, Top Chef competitor, the Dance Company and the Symphonic Orchestra of UCAM, main actors of the last day

02 November 2015

Fran Martínez, chef of the Maralba restaurant; Pablo González-Conejero from La Cabaña de la Finca Buenavista; Kiko Moya of L’Escaleta and the renowned best pastry chef of Spain, Juan Antonio Serrano, are some of the new members of the new Advisory Board of the Degree in Gastronomy of the Catholic University of Murcia.

29 October 2015

The Catholic University organizes, between September and December, the “Agenda Ñ”, a series of activities for its foreign students, which include guided tours to the Salzillo Museum, the Estrella de Levante factory and the Luzón wine cellars as well as as a journey through the orchards, a photography contest and a cooking workshop

11 September 2015

During their stay, they discovered UCAM’s educational methodology and its installations

10 August 2015