The Catholic University of Murcia has strongly boosted its research work in recent years, especially in the area of health, and it has increased the transfer of knowledge to the business world.

23 April 2018

The team led by the Spaniard Juan Carlos Izpisua has succeeded in activating key genes for some diseases with the CRISPR technique without the need to splice the DNA.
With this new technology, unwanted mutations are not generated, this avoids a great obstacle for its application in humans.
"We were thrilled to see the success in mice" have assured the researchers, who are now working on improving the technique and applying it to more diseases, although they also stated that "more safety tests are needed before doing human trials".

13 December 2017

UCAM University offers three Bachelor's Degrees, Modern Languages, Physical Activity and Sports Science, and Business Administration and Management Degree, and seven Master's Courses taught in the English language.

12 July 2017

A forensic- medical study performed in both the Shroud of Oviedo and the Sindone of Turin not only confirms that both linen clothes shrouded the same person , but also that this person, when it was already a corpse, suffered a  penetrating wound that pierced the right hemithorax, with a deep cut entry in the fifth intercostal space and exit in the fourth one, close to the vertebral column and the right scapula, which also left signs of blood clots and pleural-pericardial liquid in both linen clothes

18 April 2017

The first day of 'UCAM Smart Campus 2016' reviewed the legislation, and  latest developments of the applications of drones in the region of Murcia.


28 April 2016

The recent results of the research were presented at the Campus of Los Jerónimos.


07 March 2016

The doctor, researcher and lecturer at UCAM and director of the Genetic Expression Laboratory of the Salk Institute (California), specializes in mother cells, genetic therapy, and ageing and regenerating tissues.

23 November 2015