Located in the southeast of Spain, the Region of Murcia is characterized by mild temperatures and long hours of daylight. Beaches, rural areas, cities, traditions, folklore, culture, sports and health mix together in a dynamic and active touristic offer.

10 January 2018

The Agenda Ñ started in 2015 as part of the Catholic University of Murcia, It focused on foreigns students coming to Murcia as part of the Erasmus, Iberoamérica or Spanish language programs. It’s aim is to foster the offers of culture, gastronomy and sport activities in the Region of Murcia amoug the students. 

03 October 2017

The III International Congress of Art, Architecture and Heritage - Space and Landscape 'Homage to Siza', organized by the International Chair of the Arts.

10 March 2017

UCAM held the Radiology Conference focused on the construction and hospital architecture


19 April 2016

Free accommodation, no living expenses,  and an opportunity  to learn the Spanish language and culture. These are just some of the benefits of  staying in an Aupair family.

11 April 2016

Traveling over ten countries in Europe may cost less than 4000E


07 April 2016

New knowledge, friends, and wonderful trips to  beautiful cities in Spain are some of the things I've experienced  since  joining UCAM.


18 March 2016

The Secretary of State for Justice, Carmen Sánchez-Cortés imparted the inaugural lecture entitled “Reforms for a necessary change”

12 November 2015

In the report, elaborated by the Everis Foundation after consultation with 2.000 entrepreneurs, the Catholic University of Murcia is the leading university of the country in three of the skills assessed: Honesty and ethical commitment, teamwork and performance orientation.

04 November 2015