Construction Laboratory

The laboratories of the Polytechnic School consists of two separate buildings, the main building and one for experiments/working models and are located in the southeastern part of the Campus of the UCAM, in a central location, separate from the area of classrooms and in an agreeable environment.

The floor plan has been determined by the different areas of research, including:

Ground floor:

  • Hydrology and Hydraulics.
  • Soil Mechanics - Geology.
  • Structures & Building Materials (Quality Control of Concrete and Steel).
  • Material Chemistry

Top floor:

  • Management Office.
  • Research Laboratories.
  • Road Signs - Traffic Area.
  • Other Building Materials Area.
  • Structural modeling area. Computational Mechanics Laboratory (CML), with a space available for demonstrating practical’s to the students.

In the open air, alongside the outer wall of our laboratories there is an area dedicated to solar and wind power, as well as an indepth survey probe, for performance testing - performance measurement of geothermal energy.

This is part of a package of activities related to the professional world that brings the student closer to an understanding of the realities of working life.