International Doctoral School UCAM


D. Luis Tejada Portero

Tejada Portero, Luis

Deputy Director 968 278 612


D. Javier Belda Iniesta

Belda Iniesta, Javier

Academic Secretary 968 278 573


D. Andrés Hernández Rodríguez

Hernández Rodríguez, Andrés

Head of Administration and Services 968 278 822



The EIDUCAM organizes its own lessons and activities for Ph.D. programs and its goals of high-quality training and internationalization marked by the university itself. Furthermore, this school is organized to enhance the training curriculum of doctoral students in order to enable them to have the skills demanded by the productive sector. This ensures that students can integrate and develop their talent in an environment which generates knowledge and innovation, allowing the excellent level of teaching and research activities within the university to flourish.



EIDUCAM’s vision is to set a national and international standard in terms of the quality of the scientific Ph.D. programs offered, with a high rate of employability for its graduates. To do this, the school acts as a multidisciplinary space that allows for the comprehensive development of students and researchers, featuring the latest technologies that provide knowledge management.



Our values represent our identity. We are different because the staff here at UCAM makes this university a unique and distinctive project.

Our values are:

  • People: Personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We ensure development opportunities based on achievements and on personal and professional qualities.
  • Team: We promote teamwork in order to reach common objectives, to share information and knowledge.
  • Ethical Behavior: We act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and mutual respect for others.
  • Services: We focus our efforts on the needs and expectations of our students, by providing competitive and high-quality solutions.
  • Innovation: We promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the highest quality in the training of students.
  • Rigor: We work from the perspective of quality and we follow established procedures. We act with responsibility, discipline, and efficiency. We are continually improving to reach an excellent way of working.
  • Focus on Results: We direct our efforts towards achieving the objectives of each educational project.
  • Clarity: We facilitate access to the information which is needed to carry out assigned tasks, maintaining an accessible attitude to everybody.

Doctorate students will be able to carry out academic activities and research in universities, higher education institutions, and international businesses, with the aim of increasing their knowledge, learning new techniques and establishing scientific exchanges which boost the fields of research that are being developed at the University.

International Mention in the Ph.D. Title
The Ph.D. title will be able to include the mention of “International Doctor”, as long as the title is in accordance with the criteria specified in Article 15 of the Royal Decree 99/2011. The defense of the thesis must be carried out in UCAM, or in the case of joint doctorate programs, in one of the participating universities, or according to the terms specified in the relevant collaboration agreements.

Homologation Of Ph.D. title from Foreign Universities
Students with Ph.D. degrees obtained from foreign universities will be able to request the homologation of their Doctorate from UCAM by providing UCAM with the required documentation either in person or by post. In the case of successful homologation, the candidate will be required to pay the academic fee incurred to that effect.