Franchised provision

A partnership arrangement under which a partner is authorised to provide the whole or part of a programme of study designed by the University and leading to an award or award of credit of the University.

We have identified the following five stages for developing institutional international partnerships as key components of any successful partnership. 

First Steps

  • Institution expresses interest in partnership.
  • Institution sends formal ‘Letter of Intent’ on the partnership as well as a brief introduction of the institution.
  • Institution will be assessed by UCAM College Board.

Application Stage

  • Upon recommendation of UCAM College Board, institution will be given an Application Form to complete.
  • Institution pays an Application Fee (details will be given with the application form).

Self-Assessment Stage

  • Once UCAM receives the Application Form and Application Fee.
  • Institution will be given a Self-Assessment Guidelines to complete.

Assessment Stage

  • Institution completes and submits Self-Assessment Guidelines.
  • Preparation of Assessment Visit (Institution to host assessors' hospitality in host country. Hospitality is strictly restricted to hotel accommodated, 3 meals daily and local transport only.  There should be NO financial transaction).

Post-Assessment Stage

  • Report compiled by Assessment Team.
  • Factual checking of Report by institution.
  • Report to be evaluated by UCAM College Board.
  • Final decision by UCAM College Board.
  • As a norm, the entire process should not take more than 3 months, pending Self-Assessment Guidelines from institution.