Overseas accredited programs

Schools or individual with similar quality and objectives as UCAM can apply to represent UCAM accredited strategic partner and offer our MBA in their respective city or region.

The Overseas Programs Accreditation Unit is an impartial business unit to identify strategic partners/schools/training centres whom may be interested to management and offer UCAM MBA in their respective location of interest. This strategic business unit aims to accelerate our outreach to more students whom can benefit from our MBA.  UCAM offers a wide variety of studies, both for undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as vocational training and PhD.

We have invested all our 20 years’ efforts to accomplish what you witness today.  Internationalisation is a key component for our university outreach strategy.  We have witnessed exponential growth in recent years.  These growths have given us insights into global trends, technological, cultural and network advantages which in turn enhances our students’ employability, as a result we would like to create a dynamic learning environment network to offer our programmes.

Benefits of UCAM MBA

UCAM For Students

UCAM students will receive personal attention that is tailored to their individual needs specially focused on values inspired by our Catholic identity. Personal relationships in the context of learning are highly valued.  Thus, each student is assigned an individual tutor and the number of students per class is deliberately kept small.  The range of academic programs on offer is constantly being adapted to meet the needs of society and the majority of UCAM’s titles and degrees are recognized throughout the European Higher Education Area. This reflects the ideal at the heart of UCAM’s mission: each and every student gives us a reason to continue to strive for excellence.

UCAM empowers students to develop their skills and abilities tailored to their professional profiles.  UCAM supports more than 50 research teams working in close collaboration with companies such as Coca Cola, Danone, LFP, Santander, Repsol or Vodafone.  As such our programmes are kept current with these close industry collaborations.

Students are assured that their decision to embark on an UCAM programme will enhance their employability and to realise the potential.  In a crowded education market, our programmes bring along the following values:

  1. Increase marketability with Transferable skills: our programmes give students new skills and knowledge that will propel students’ career.  We equip our students with hard and soft skills acquired during the programme.  These skills are transferable so that students will increase in marketability to myriad other roles. The skills acquired during the programme strengthen and enhance leadership, intellectual creativity, critical and analytical thinking as well as understanding the importance of our complex cross cultural.  IT and communication mastery skills are also key part of the programmes. We hope to arm our students with appropriate skills needed for their respective position, and with these skills, it will also carry them over to the next position.
  2. Enhance employability: choosing the right education is improve as it can enhance/increase job security with your potential/current employer or within relevant industry.  Our programmes are designed to help students with seeking employability or enhance skills set. Without a doubt, employers/companies will appreciate employee who have risen through the ranks, know the business inside and out and can get the job done.  Not forgetting ability to manage staff from different backgrounds in our ever changing and complex environment.  UCAM will prepare and give you the needed exposure to handle complex situations, multi tasks and a broad array of real life issues to prepare you for the real world.
  3. Networking opportunities: At UCAM we not only offer students/alumni opportunity interact closely with global talents, head hunters and business leaders; we will also prepare you for this networking sessions.  The preparation sessions will help you capture and capitalised on single most valuable opportunity. Our alumni network will also keep you abreast with our university as well as to provide you the necessary opportunities advance your career.  These are life skills needed in any industry we operate in.
  4. Values and CSR: our aim is not only to train the best professionals but also persons with strong ethical behaviours committed with the common good.

For Employers

UCAM works very closely with the industry, so employers are assured of employing the best managers and future business leaders graduating from our programmes.  Our partnership with industries go beyond our shore, our outreach progamme such as this Partnership, is to help industry reach beyond their modus operandi region.

  1. UCAM Produced Critical Thinkers for Industry: UCAM programmes are unlike any university programmes per se, we have woven critical thinking processes into the programmes to ensure vital skills are transferred to students no matter what the situations are.  This requires our students to evaluate business dilemmas and formulate the best course of action for the benefit of the company.
  2. Develop UCAM Students into Professional Problem Solvers: UCAM student will also be tackling different challenges ranging from start-ups to cross cultural companies and Multi-National Corporations.  The objectives are to prepare our students to problem-solve by asking the right question, collect the relevant data and frame the problem correctly to develop a suitable solution/s for the company in a competitive environment.
  3. Recruit professionals committed with ethical behaviour used to seek to serve the society.

With a degree itself, it will not a guarantee employment, it is the relevant skill sets that UCAM programmes provide that give our students the competitive edge.

Become a Partner of UCAM

We believe that programmes should be of the highest standards and that partnership to deliver these programmes is as important.  There are 4 Stages of Strategic Partnership application and normally will take around 2 to 3 months to complete.

Eligibility Stage

  1. Institution expresses interest in partnership.
  2. Institution sends formal ‘Letter of Intent’ on the partnership as well as a brief introduction of the institution.
  3. Institution will be assessed by UCAM College Board.

Application Stage

  1. Upon recommendation of UCAM College Board, institution will be given an Application Form to complete.
  2. Institution pays an Application Fee (details will be given with the application form).

Self-Assessment Stage

  1. Once UCAM receives the Application Form and Application Fee.
  2. Institution will be given a Self-Assessment Guidelines to complete.

Assessment Stage

  1. Institution completes and submits Self-Assessment Guidelines.
  2. Preparation of Assessment Visit (Institution to host assessors' hospitality in host country. Hospitality is strictly restricted to hotel accommodated, 3 meals daily and local transport only.  There should be NO financial transaction).

Post-Assessment Stage

  1. Report compiled by Assessment Team.
  2. Factual checking of Report by institution.
  3. Report to be evaluated by UCAM College Board.
  4. Final decision by UCAM College Board.

As a norm, the entire process should not take more than 3 months, pending Self-Assessment Guidelines from institution.

If you have any queries or would like to apply as our partner, please email Mr Marco Bruno: mbruno@ucam.edu