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The impulse of research is a basic duty of an academic institution. At UCAM, research is something more. It is one of the main pillars of our University. As a foundation to serve the society, UCAM develops effective and revolutionary research programs that seek to meet demands of our current society.

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Key Figures

The quantitative and qualitative growth of UCAM´s research programs is unstoppable, proven by these impressive figures.


Human Organs Regeneration

Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisúa leads an amazing research project
that has already been featured in the world's most influential
research newspapers and magazines.

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Advanced facilities

UCAM provides to researchers the most advanced research facilities.

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CIARD La Manga

Research Centre in High Performance Sport. (Centro de Investigación en Alto Rendimiento Deportivo)

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Google Glass and UCAM

Known as the University of Sport, UCAM develops important research projects in the area of health and physical education. Google Glass – UCAM partnership is one of the most spectacular projects, including enormous entities such as La Liga El Atlético of Madrid and UCAM CB.

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NFC Technology

Smartphones give a revolutionary technological leap.

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UCAM Racing Team

A multidisciplinary team of the University is making important advances in the development of efficient vehicles. The project gathers students from different disciplines such as computer science, telecommunications, communication or design in addition to commercial and business administration areas. The team has participated in international competitions such as the Shell eco-marathon in Rotterdam.

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Building of Energy Efficiency

Come and discover the future of renewable energy.

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Groups of Investigation

There are a large variety of research lines and groups at the University. Work areas go from health sciences to technology through social and legal sciences. As UCAM is considered as the University of Sport, there are very ambitious projects developed in this field.

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