Enrollment Pack

The Catholic University of Murcia lives sports intensely. Be part of the UCAM Sports family with the Enrollment package for the new students enrolled to UCAM Universidad!

As a student, you have the opportunity to be part of the UCAM Sports community as an athlete but also as a fan. Whether in the field of play, defending the colors of our teams or encouraging our best players, UCAM’s students are part of the first day of a common feeling. Our colors are blue and gold, and our shield represents the Archangel, San Miguel. Our values are explicit: maximum respect for rivals and referees and, at the same time, the spirit of overcoming, companionship and humility.

As a part of the welcome that UCAM brings to the new students, you’ll have the chance to feel and explore the real passion for the sports with the UCAM Football Club season ticket and the UCAM Basketball Club season ticket. Be part of the fans at the Condomina Stadium or have fun with Vulpi, our Basketball Mascot at the Palacio de Los Deportes. During your time in UCAM, you’ll experience the University of Sports in all the senses. As a student of the UCAM, you can enjoy, with significant advantages, the tournaments of our professional teams. 

No other university in Europe has a basketball team in the highest competition in its country, and it plays in the European Basketball Champions League, and a football team in the third national category.

Also, UCAM will also offer the possibility to enhance your purpose of having a healthy student’s life with the UCAM Sports Center year pass. Train your brain and your body and make yourself stronger and fitter. UCAM Sports Center has a big gym and extra classes to fit your body and enjoy doing sports.

Being part of this University is also be part of the sports spirit and part of the blue and golden feeling forever. The Archangel San Miguel will accompany you every time you sing a goal or celebrate a winning match with the Basketball team.

Welcome to the UCAM Sports experience!


Total Price of 300€ includes:

  • Year Pass UCAM Sports Center
  • Season Ticket UCAM CF
  • Season Ticket UCAM Murcia CB
  • Information about Housing agencies in Murcia

You’ll save 40% of the year price with this awesome package!

Be part of the UCAM Sports family in just 2 minutes. Join the website my.ucam.edu and click on the “Enrollment package” or contact your UCAM Regional Agent to submit your application. It would be easy and fast, and you can pay it online by Credit Card, Flywire or Paypal.


*UCAM International Students enrolled at the English Programs in UCAM had included the Enrollment Pack in their Pre-inscription. If you are already a student, please contact our admissions office by admissions@ucam.edu and get your card.