To Master´s Degrees

If you have completed a Higher Education Degree, it is time to perfect your formation with a Master’s Degree at UCAM. Here you will find information about the Admission Process and the simple steps you must take to make your enrollment as easy as possible. Depending on your country of origin, the bureaucracy can be long and problematic, but we are always available to help you by phone (+34 968 278 786) or email

  • Passport
  • Degree certificate
  • Transcript of Results
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Questions to the candidate about their experience – academic/ professional, and their interest in the course and in our university.
  • Opportunity for candidates to get to know us – answer their concerns & questions.
  • Acceptance on condition of initial payment (1000€ or a percentage of tuition fee depending on visa requirements) and successful legalization of the degree (for non-EU candidates)
  • Candidate receives video tutorial of how to do this
  • Fill out all basic information
  • Upload documents listed in Step 1 
  • Make initial payment of 1000€
  • Print out pre-registration form to bring to university for matriculation
  • Non-EU students: all degrees and transcripts from non-EU countries must firstly, be legalized by the Ministry of Education in the country from which the degree/transcript was issued (this can be done through the Hague Apostille when applicable, or the Convenio Andres Bello if applicable), and secondly by the Spanish Embassy.
  • Degrees and transcripts that are NOT in English or Spanish must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator (but do not have to be legalized if they are from an educational establishment within the EU).
  • All degrees and transcripts from within EU and in English or Spanish require no action.
  • When the university receives the confirmation of initial payment, and when the pre-registration has been completed, UCAM issues formal Acceptance letter (and a letter guaranteeing to help).
  • Once the full and final payment has been agreed and the university has checked all original documentation (legalized/translated when necessary) the student is matriculated and begins the course.
  • If your title is not from one of the previous countries, you will have to get them recognized by your local authorities (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Spanish authorities (Spanish diplomatic representation or consulate and Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

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