European Union to Bachelor Degrees

If you want to apply for a UCAM Bachelor’s degree and you are a European Union* citizen, you must follow these 3 steps 100% online. Anytime during this process, you can ask for help or clarify any doubt through phone or e-mail. +34 968 278 786 or

* Citizens from Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or China should also follow this procedure due to the international educational agreements between these countries and the European Union.

Please note that holders of International Baccalaureates (IB) and International GCSCs/A Levels also follow this procedure.

Step 1. Obtain the Credentials

Those applicants coming from education systems that are under the Article 38.5 of Education Organic Law 2/2006, 3rd May (Artículo 38.5 de la Ley Orgánica 2/2006, de 3 de mayo, de Educación), (European Union or other countries with which international agreements have been signed), will be able to enroll at UCAM directly without the Spanish entrance exam. These applicants must validate their High School Diploma through UNED, according to Resolution of 30 March 2009, Secretary of State for Universities (BOE Nº. 98, dated 22nd April 2009).

Follow the guide that will help you through the process. It may seem complicated, but it’s nothing to worry about if you follow the procedure as it is described here: Credential UNED EN

For some countries, there may be additional requirements for obtaining your credentials. Look here if there is any other requirement diploma to go to the next step.

The order of admission of the students is by grades, and if you want to do the degree in some program with a high demand, like Medicine or Nursing, you may want to improve your grades by taking the “Specific Phase” of the Spanish University Entry Examination, called “Selectividad”. You can find more information on the “Non-EU Admission Process”.

If you have entered or finished a Higher Education Degree in a country other than Spain and you want to transfer and validate some credits or subjects or homologate your degree, you can do it through the UCAM directly or through the Ministry of Education, respectively. For these cases, please contact

Step 2. Application Form and Interview

While you wait for your Credential to be delivered you can start filling the Application Form and the Admission Request for a Bachelor Degree at UCAM, but this step can only be concluded after you get your Credential.

From 15 of June to 5 of October you can enter here to create your personal account (without any commitment) and start the Admission request process. You will have to scan and attach some documents, but the system is really simple and intuitive:

  • Credential
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Application Form (online)
  • Prove of payment of Admission Request Fee*

*This amount will be discounted on your tuition fee if you are admitted and it will be returned if you are not admitted. If you make this payment and then give up on the process, you will not be refunded.

The International Student Fellowship at UCAM includes citizens from all over the world, and, for this reason, we try to encourage those excellent students, motivated to develop their personal and academic careers by offering them the best and fair recruitment procedure. In this sense, the student’s selection procedure and criteria focus the interview on the academic profile together with the student’s abilities.

For more information about the interview protocol, click here

Step 3. Enrollment at UCAM

Once you have been accepted at UCAM, there is just one final step before the start of the classes, it is the Enrollment. On UCAM’s online platform you will be able to select the courses you will attend that year according to the plan of studies you want to follow and make the payment of the tuition fee.

And that is it, you are welcomed to UCAM – Catholic University San Antonio!